People Who Take Care

  1. In my book for English class, I came across a poem about nursing and I thought that I would share it with everybody.

    People Who Take Care

    People who take care of people
    get paid less than anybody
    people who take care of people
    are not worth much
    except to people who are
    sick, old, helpless, and poor
    people who take care of people
    are not important to most other people
    are not respected by many other people
    come and go without much fuss
    unless they don't show up
    when needed
    people who make more money
    tell them what to do
    never get **** on their hands
    never mop vomit or wipe tears
    don't stand in danger
    of having plates thrown at them
    sharing every cold
    observing agonies
    they cannot tell at home
    people who take care of people
    have a secret
    that sees them through the double shift
    that moves with them from room to room
    that keeps them on the floor
    sometimes they fill a hollow
    no one else can fill
    sometimes through the ****
    and blood and tears
    they go to a beautiful place, somewhere
    those clean important people
    have never been.

    -Nancy Henry
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  3. by   GitanoRN

    unquestionably, this deserves a cheer!!! thank you for sharing this poem...aloha~