pediatric oncology

  1. Hello! I am a 1st year nursing student and just beginning my OB and pediatric clinicals this semester. I have always known I would work with children and in some area of medicine. I think I have made the right choice in nursing. Recently I have found interest in the science of cancer. Luckily, I have a clinical in pediatric oncology, but 1 day is not enough to really experience what this field is all about. I would really appreciate feedback about the overall profession, additional schooling (if any), and job availability. Any personal views/experiences would also be great. Thanks a bunch!!
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  3. by   hollykate
    Hi Terese,
    I know very little about peds oncology. But I do know there is a program for a Nurse Practioner in Pediatric Oncology at Univ. Of Pennsylvania, which is pretty well respected. Good Luck!