Peace Corps nursing stories needed

  1. I have wanted to join the Peace Corps since I was a kid. I've looked into it but I would love to hear some stories of nurses, OR techs, etc who have worked with the Peace Corps. My biggest worry is the language barrier. Also, what did your family think and how did you stay close to your family even though you were thousands of miles away with no internet or phone?

    BTW, I originally posted this in the volunteer forum and rec'd no responses. I'm hoping posting it here will generate some responses. Thanks!
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  3. by   bigmona
    Peace Corps (PC) gives you three months of intensive language training before you even start volunteering. I believe you need significant experience as a nurse before you can volunteer in that capacity (maybe even be an NP?) but almost anyone can volunteer in the area of health. I never did PC although I was *this* close to leaving for west Africa through them. It's still something I would like to do someday. good luck.