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Hello. I'm a new grad hoping to start in a ED or ICU. I have been looking at PDA's before nursing school and plan to get one. The programs availible are unlimited for an ED/ICU setting and any area... Read More

  1. by   CHPN1680
    Quote from Tigerpaw
    I have both programs on my PDA. Davis Drug Guide gives more in depth information such as nursing implementations, family/patient teachings and assessment. The problem with Davis drug guide is it does not have certain drugs listed in it, although it is rare. When that happens I use Epocates as a backup and I can usually find it there. If you're interested in Davis drug guide it can be downloaded on a trial basis through Skyscape.com. You can then evaluate it for yourself. Most of the programs at Skyscape can be downloaded on a trial basis and then fully unlocked if you decided to purchase them later. Yes you have to pay for them, but I found it better than buying a bunch of reference books and having to carrying them around.
    Thanks for the info. I will check it out.
  2. by   bcjams
    Davis for nurses is a much better program than Epocrates in general but Epocrates has a very critical feature that Davis lacks and that is a drug compatiabilty function. you can put in upto 30 meds on epocrates and it tell you which are synergistic or if they decrease desired effects. But Davis is the bomb in all other areas. so buy Davis ($49)and get epocrates free version and that should do it.
  3. by   PamRNC
    Check out www.pepid.com

    They have several version of an all in one suite, for RNs, Onco RNs, and different clinical resources including ED. It covers meds, procedures, hundreds of calculators, including a drug interaction program.

    I also use Davis's drug guide on my pda and a few other programs from www.skyscape.com
    Davis's is the best in print or on pda!
  4. by   studentemma
    hi, im a third year nursing student in New Zealand and this year we were all given pda's for the year (which we have to give back). So far ive found mine quite useful. Mine is a HP iPAQ pocket PC.

    The most useful parts are the text books that are loaded on there including the drug quide (MIMS) which i use everyday, RN fast Facts and Nurses handbook of health assessment. I think that i also need a nursing/medical dictionary loaded on so i could look up conditions etc while out on clinical. I have also been using mine while out on clinical to type out assignments which i then load into my home computer and print out which is a real time saver for me as during my last placement there was a lot time in which i had nothing to do, so i worked on my assignment.

    One thing that i think is very important in a PDA is a large battery life. Mine seems to last well but i have herd of other types that only last a couple of hours.

    I am also alble to record converdations on my pda which i think could be useful particuarly as my next assignment involves several interviews with someone. I quess this could also be useful when doing an assessement on someone in a clinical setting. But it may also pose some privacy issues.
  5. by   LPNer
    Quote from Silverdragon102
    I use mine all the time. Try doing a search as there are loads on PDA's and software to use or where to get the software from.
    I have been trying to decide which one to buy! There are sooooo many! Please, recommend! What are you using?
    I would love to have the calandar, Davis Drug guide (love that one!) Merck (or some other reference) etc.
    I know much about PCs, but have to admit, I am not educated on PDAs and would love a little help deciding. Pocket, really pocket sized! Not oversized pockets, regular pants pocket (I keep a cell in one and have the other available for a PDA. My scrub pockets are already very busy!