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I am wondering if there is a difference in pay between RN and BSN for new grads. I have a masters degree in another field making 40K a year but I don't want to invest 2 years in an accelerated BSN... Read More

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    At my hospital, there is a .50 cent per hour differential. Wahoo - that's about $1000 a year. I think the question is less will you make more money as a BSN, but where do you want to go in nursing? I enjoy my job in the ER, but I have no plans on staying in bedside nursing forever. I'm getting my MSN as FNP so I have more options.
    Although, if you're looking at accelerated vs ADN, I would personally go accelerated. Then you have the options. Plus, there has been some rumblings from the ANA regarding the "lowest acceptable" education for a nurse - and requiring everyone to have their BSN. It probably won't be for awhile, but that's also something to think about.
    PS-I am a BSN, but I really feel that ADNs come out of school better prepared for bedside nursing. What we need is a program that highlights the strengths of both paths.

    My goal is to go for an accelerated BSN, which will take me 12 months at a local hospital here rather than a ADN which will take me 2 years---think it makes more sense to go the shorter route but it will be more challenging of course to practice once I graduate since it seems to me ADN graduates would be better prepared--but with the nursing shortage, I am sure hospitals are willing to take the time and offer good orientation. I believe combining my degree in Nutrition with Nursing will open alot more options for me. My goal is to work in an outpatient setting as a RD CDE but with RN credetials and finally go out n my own as a consultant for home-health agencies. This will put me at a competitive edge with both RDs and RNs.

    Thanks for all the input.

    I am not currently a nurse but I find myself attracted to this board almost on a daily basis reading what is going on with the nursing profession. It just might be the career I have been looking for. I plan to shadow a nurse and see what it's all about.