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How do you manage patients who need to be guarded? In our hospital they are in the general population and have the number of guards appropriate to their status. We refer to them by a number or... Read More

  1. by   PDCNurse
    I agree that we should try to remember to call "guards" corrections officers. That is the proper title in our facility. I work in a probation detention center so most of our prisoners are not considered very violent. We have probation violators for things like DUI, child molestation or child abuse, burglary, robbery, etc. I have never felt in danger and depend on the officers to keep me safe. They work long hours for very little money and most of them are very professional and fair. You will always find someone who doesn't follow his job description, but they are very few. When our detainees go to the hospital, they are required to be cuffed. Our officers will allow the cuffs to come off if medical care is compromised but the detainee is never left alone. Safety is the number one priority of these officers. I appreciate them very much.
  2. by   HappyNurse2005
    I am a RN student, haven't had a patient who was in police custody yet. Though where I go for my GYN care is where the local female inmates are taken for pre-natal care, so i've seen a few of those. they come with a female sherriff's deputy, usually.
  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from Cameelrn
    That's exactly why I don't want to know what my prisoner-patients did. We are pretty strict about that. Sometimes a guard will try to tell me and I'll tell them to stop that I'm afraid knowing will affect the care I give. I think it is human to be affected by knowing that a patient is a child molestor, so it just makes sense to take that knowledge out of the equation.
    We rarely have patients in police custody, but when we do I go out of my way to NOT find out why. The few prisoners I have dealt with have been very quiet and polite, and I've never had a problem with them.......although I couldn't quite suppress a shudder when I learned later that they were child molesters or killers! It just makes it easier for me to treat these patients with care and compassion if I don't know what their crimes are. :stone