Patient injured, nurse under investigation

  1. I didn't know where else to post this, so I'm putting it here.
    A recent situation at work, aLOT of grief/pain for the patient and
    the nurse under investigation.
    I will try to give some background, but the investigation is still going on,
    so I'm afraid to post alot of details. You never know who is reading here.
    This happened to a co-worker and a patient she was caring for.
    {Not me, thank goodness, but it gives the lesson to be even MORE careful and diligent in the care one gives and documentation}.
    A patient was severely injured, the nurse did a treatment that should not have been done, delayed calling the doctor/family, or seeking outside help.
    She also gave a medication that shouldn't have been given, and failed to chart that med on the MAR. However, she DID make out an medication error report.
    A very grave situation for the patient, and for the nurse.
    I think the patient is going to pull thru, however it will be along time, before he is over this. The nurse is possibly going to lose her license.

    Some lessons learned: Be sure you only give meds the patient can have, do appropriate first aid, call the doctor, call the family, seek outside medical help immediately, and make sure all the documentation is done.

    Anything else anyone can think of?
    I know there are not alot of details here, for you all to go on, but I know you all have had situations before, where you can look back with 20/20 hindsight
    and could offer some things that could make us all think, about how careful a nurse needs to be in the care she gives and documents.

    Double check and REdouble check everything before you do anything to the patient.
    A nurse might think that what she is doing is right and good for the patient, but NOT always necessarily so....sometimes the very smallest detail is what can hang the nurse.
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  3. by   Bipley
    Sorry, I'd need more details before I could give a specific response.