Patient Care Tech on CCU Stepdown?

  1. I recently got my license as an LNA and applied to a local hospital to be an LNA. The recruiter called to tell me that the position was filled but that they wanted to consider me as a PCT on the CCU stepdown unit during 3rd shift.
    I am really excited about this opportunity and am interviewing this week. What kinds of questions might I be asked? What is the work like for a PCT on this type of unit? If you are a director of nursing and/or in managment, what would you be looking for in a candidate for this job?
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  3. by   labrador4122
    when I started working at the hospital as a tech/CNA, I started working in the PICU area, which is similar to CCIU, except that CCU specializes in cardiac care.

    It was very neat because you learn so much of diseases, you see what other nurses do, and you get motivation to keep going to school to be a nurse well at least I did.

    They ask you questions about your experience, if you have had bedside experience. Also they ask you about honesty, if you see something bad going on if you would report it.