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  1. Hi everyone,

    A local hospital has open positions for Patient Care Assistants / Technicians / Representatives (seems like names are different depending on area of the country and facility). The best way to describe this role is basically this hospital doesn't have LPN's/CNA's. The PCT's work directly under the RN in a CNA+ capacity. I am contemplating submitting my resume, etc. to work there starting this summer.

    Was wondering if any of you have advice - suggestions on things that I should ask them if I am asked to interview with them. ie. training program, madatory overtime (got that one by reading this board), etc. And if there is anything that I should keep my ears open for that would send up a "red flag".

    I only have limited experience working in a doctor's office in a "non-medical" capacity so I really don't know that much about hospitals. Any advice or suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   4XNURSE


    You are brave!

    I have no problem with PCT's. I think that if you get a good training, you can fill a very positive role in caring for your patients. I also think there will be some licensed nurses who will resent you from the git-go. There is an element in our profession that thinks if you don't have a phd, you ain't S***, and that you need a BSN, just to enter the practice. I personally disagree! There is a nursing shortage right now and as a CNA, or a PCT, you can perform a lot of the tasks that sick/injured patients cannot do for themselves. Make sure they teach you well, the tasks they will expect you to perform, and then stick with the things you are qualified for. If you really like the patient care, and want to continue, go back to school. It's never too late to learn.

    Go for it!

    Good luck!

    just my $ .02

  4. by   colleen10
    UH OH, why Brave???

    Now I'm scared!!!!

    My grandmother actually volunteers at this hospital and so she asked the nurses what type of positions they would have for someone like me - little experience, BS in Science, and currently going back to school to finish up my nursing school pre.req's. They gave her all the information on this type of position and she said they were pretty excited. I guess with the nursing shortage they are really looking for people whether they be PCT's or RN's, and trying to get qualified people for the PCT position in hopes that they will like the hospital enough to come back if they continue their education and become RN's. I hope that this attitude about education and wanting to keep employees is true.

    I guess one of my biggest concerns is proper training. Not just for the safety of the patients but also for myself. I don't want to be a 27 year old with rotten back just because I wasn't taught lifts correctly.

    Thanks for your advice and keep it comin!

  5. by   4XNURSE

    You've been a member here for over a year, right? you've seen how rough this croud can be at times. That's why I said you are brave.

    I love nursing. I went back to school for nursing, after having been successful as a production manager in a motorhome manufacturing factory. I have never made the kind of money in nursing I did then, but I love what I do.

    Go for it. Just be realistic. You will take a bunch of crap from others in your field, not to mention your administrators, and the patients themselves.

    IT IS WORTH IT ! The rewards are not in the money, and sometimes the rewards are obscured by the "code brown". They are there and worth the effort.

    Come on out to the Golden State. My company is hiring.

  6. by   colleen10

    "Code Brown" always makes me laugh. Always cheers me up for some strange reason.