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    Passing on the Nursing do's and don'ts. The kind you can't and won't find in your Nursing books.

    What do you know?

    No, he didn't come right out and ask me that. But after years of reading facial expressions I can read sarcasm just as easily as if it were on a pain scale.

    I can't argue that as a newly licensed Nurse you may have had access to material that I may not have been exposed to. Or even that your clinical experience was more high tech than mine.

    What you don't realize is that computers, digital blood pressure cuffs, electronic this and that has stripped away some of the bare bones of Nursing. The gift of touch, smell, listening ... trust your senses, your instinct.

    As you dress for your day take pride in how you look. It's not about your new pen light, or your stethescope you hang on your neck matching your new scrubs. Know that as you walk out on that unit you represent all Nurses. Yes, even us old ones. Make that first impression count.

    Listen to your patient. Get to know them. Forget that the Nurse giving you report complained about the guy in room 132A. That's her experience. Don't make it yours.

    Actually it's that difficult patient that you need to win over. That's the patient that can make or break your day. Besides use critical thinking.... you just learned that right?? Why are they being difficult? Investigate. Are they uncomfortable? they are here for a reason. Lonely? not everyone gets visitors. Scared? figure it out and do what you can.

    Remember your duty is to them. The nursing station is not where you go to gossip about your caseload.

    Respect your patients rights.

    Forget what everyone else does. You are not them. Don't be afraid to be you. At the end of the day you only have yourself to answer to.

    Don't take shortcuts. Do it right the first time. If you don't know something ask. I would much rather be asked questions by you than have you think you are getting one past me. Believe me you're not!!

    Be a team player. Don't get caught up in what "they" do or don't do. Stay focused..don't let patient care suffer in an attempt to even the score with a coworker.

    Lastly, let me answer that question written all over your face. What do I know? I knew enough as your Mother to help guide you into the man you are today. The one that I am sooo very proud of. My son the Nurse.
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    Very sweet, thanks for posting.