Part B Billing for Wound Care supplies & long term care?

  1. I am interested in otaining information on using a third party biller for advanced wound care products. I have several long term patients in my facility that are costing a fortune. It has been brought to my attention that I can refer these clients to a third party biller.

    I would love to here more about this proposition.

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  3. by   TazziRN
    Contact a home health agency, we deal with all kinds of insurance coverages and products that are and are not covered.
  4. by   Tysmommy
    I work for a Wound Care Supplier, and we do billing. If you are interested you should definately call and speak with our owner (my mother in law) We are in Richardson Texas, but have clinics all over the U.S. We could get a rep. in your facility to handle all the wound care supplies (ordering, billing, etc...) Email me and I can get you our phone#! Thanks.