Parents urged to talk early about delaying sexual activity

  1. Actress, director and educator Kimberly Norris-Guerrero with hip-hop artist Emcee One at the kickoff of the Parents Speak Up National Campaign.

    "Don't just tell youth what not to do," said hip-hop artist and abstinence advocate Marcus Guinn, known professionally as Emcee One. "Share your vision for their future and show them how delaying sexual activity can help them meet their goals."
    The Parents Speak Up National Campaign of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services includes television, radio, outdoor and print advertising, public service announcements, a website and partnerships with community organizations. The campaign message urges parents of 10- to 13-year-olds to talk to their children about delaying sexual activity and provides tools and information to help build confidence around this sensitive topic.
    The national campaign includes special outreach to American Indian and Alaska Native parents. The vast health disparities that have been shaped by historical, socioeconomic, and cultural factors within Native American communities demand an increased presence, said Guinn. For example, American Indian and Alaska Native teens have much higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases than other groups and 46 percent of Native American mothers have their first baby before the age of 20.

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