1. At the moment iam goin for my clinical practice in one of the resthomes and i havent seen any computer based charting for patient record all i have seen is that every patient in the resthome has a file where they have all the information about them in the file in a hard copy.

    but iam pretty sure that there are quite a lot of Nurses who use Computers to chart their patient record.

    Actually at my uni we student nurses got introduced to "KIWI NURS"......this is very new to us student but it is verry helpfull because now we dont have to draw tables and graphs for the care report on the computers for ages.In KIWI NURS we can record client's details and also do the care planning on this programme. This is verry usefull and helpfull to us and saves time from doing our assingment.

    i say computers save a huge amount of time for busy nurses.
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  3. by   purplemania
    computers are still a tool. I find some people spend more time on the computer than with the patient. I have not yet seen a program that asks all the questions that a critical thinking nurse will consider. There is no subsitute for thinking, I guess. But anything that saves time, if it really does, is a boon to nurses.