1. I want to wear skin tone pantyhose under my nursing school uniform but can't find the right kind. Saw another student here in the Philippines wearing one, it's not sheer or see through but the color is almost the same as the skin so it's hardly noticeable that she's even wearing pantyhose. Anyone know what brand is good? Also for white ones for later on ...

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  3. by   bargainhound
    I am sure brand names differ state to state and especially out of the
    country..........I would not know what brands you have in the Phillipines.
  4. by   cat-cat
    I recommend hanes JMS light support. I wear them under white pants. A pair of white tennis socks keep the pantyhose invisible between shoe and pants.
  5. by   BSNtobe2009
    I have always found panthose to be comfortable when it doesn't feel like pantyhose. I say away from anything that says "control top" or "support" anything. I try to find something along the lines of "sheer to the waist".

    That way it didn't feel like a compression garment when I pulled it on.

    If you are going to wear hose, always keep clear nail polish and an extra pair in your bag for runs.

    I have extremely fair skin, so with a white skirt or dress, trust me, I would be right there with you wearing the hose.