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    A video on the new Google Earth Super Map:
    I thought that the resolution could be better, and there may be
    a way to adjust this.
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    Bird Flu Resurfaces in Vietnam:
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    Nearly 200 ducks died at a private farm in the central province of Nghe An on Tuesday. Test results released by a government laboratory in the area show they were infected with the deadly H5N1 virus, said Nguyen Xuan Yem, director of Nghe An's animal health department.
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    Bangladesh, still culling, this is a terrible problem for such a poor country:
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    Some 8,500 chickens were culled in three poultry farms here Friday evening following detection of bird flu in a nearby farm.
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    Indonesia, another death attributed to H5N1 via confirmed lab testing x 2. The victim is a 29 year old woman from Sumatra.
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    India, unconfirmed H5N1, and unexplained poultry deaths. It is likely that this will probably be very bad news for India:

    China is being watched with much interest. Does not sound much like avian flu, and unless there are human deaths, we will probably never know the cause. I remember hearing of millions of pigs dying with similiar symptoms last year in China:
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    Nigeria is still having outbreaks. Without more serious assistance from the
    rest of the world, it is unlikely that this will improve very much.
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    report: national guard may be needed to enforce quarantine in flu pandemic,2933,271057,00.html

    washington- military and civilian health facilities will be overwhelmed if a nationwide flu pandemic hits the united states, and the national guard may have to be called out to provide medical help and even enforce a quarantine, the defense department warned in a report released wednesday.
    as the pentagon fights criticism from congressional democrats that the war in iraq is depleting the national guard's ability to help out in domestic crises, the 86-page report says a possible pandemic could require national guard assistance in supplying medical aid or isolating groups of people to minimize further spread of the disease.

    food for thought indeed. somebody in office somewhere must believe things will turn bad quickly.

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    Docs in UK, critical of pandemic plan:
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    Avian flu appears to be spreading in this country. It will be difficult to stop if farmers are
    not cooperating. Many of the people are being treated prophylactically with
    the local version of Tamiflu.

    This is a very dangerous situation with far reaching consequences if they
    do not get this under control.
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