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  1. Hi. I am a senior now I'm high school and I live in Iowa, but I want to move to NYC where my dad lives and i don't know if i should stay here for school, or go to NYC. However, I plan on staying in NYC in the future anyways so I don't know. I want to become a registered nurse so I thought maybe I could take some courses here in Iowa before I move to NYC? Or should I begin in nyc?
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  3. by   Cat365
    I would check into schools in both locations. Look at pricing, acceptance rate, NCLEX passing rate, and accreditation. Then I would decide on one location or another. I would start in the location where you plan to obtain your degree because you will likely find that the credits don't transfer easily. You don't want to have to repeat classes because the second school doesn't accept classes from the first school.

    Also look into residency requirements for both states. It is likely that if you move to NYC you will have to live there for 6 months to a year before starting school or end up paying a lot more for out of state tuition.

    One other consideration is to compare the job market in both locations. You might find that new grads have a harder time figuring a job in NYC vs Iowa.