orthopaedics and trauma

  1. Hi everyone, Iv just recently graduated from nursing. Things is im applying to london for jobs, and the most suitable hospitals for me are the ones in central london.. They have very few vaccanices and the post they have are very compatative. However there is post for a staff nurse on orthopaedics and trauma which im very hesitant tog o for, mainly because of the intense presurre it may bring. What do you reckon i should do ?I have applied for other hospitals in lonodn but they are not ideal for my working. Thanks alot .
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  3. by   nightingale
    It can really vary on the facility. I have heard that in London / Ireland that the nurses do not have similiar responsibilites to the US; it is more in the way we think of CNA type of work.

    The best thing to do is talk with the Director of the facility and tell her of your concerns. You want to make sure you have adequate support. Now, is a good time to get a feel for whether you would be comfortable in their set up.

    You may want this post to go to the International Forum for England. I can move it if you like or we could see what posts you get regarding this matter here in the General Forum.