Orientation To Eye Clinic

  1. I requested to be cross trained in the Eye clinic as well as to other clinics within the hospital. It is an interesting experience, but I have to say that I had no idea that Eye was so involved! The Head Nurse is very supportive and takes time to show me each step, and due to my natural curiousity, I am trying to understand everything as much as I can in case I do have to float up there.

    Are there any websites that can describe the different laser surgeries, eye diseases and such in simple, clear-cut language, so to speak? Of course, a great deal of teaching is involved and I don't like the material that is available. I'm the sort of person that wants to know the bottom line, main points for myself as well as simple to read information to give to patients. Also, if anyone has ever worked in the eye clinic, please share some pointers!

    At the moment, I am supposed to stay in this clinic until Friday, but I am going to ask for another week. From there, I believe I'll be going to GYN, then, pediatrics (yikes!!) and who knows? I am excited about learning new things, because it makes me a more well rounded nurse.
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