opinions count as much as attitude

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    everyone has such strong opinions. i was a cna for fifteen years, i worked everywhere. i did agency, private duty for a client, hospice, livein for a short time, hospital, ltc, group home, lots of stuff. then i decided to become an rn, i've worked only hospital general med/surg. i have to admit i had great expectations of a higher level of professionalism among my new peers (rns vs cnas for peers) and it was magically 'the same' no change. people are people no matter the 'strata' of life you inhabit. i'm not sure what i mean in relation to this thread. but i do know nothing much has changed. i meet the same level of caring vs sloth amongst my new co-workers. i am thankful when i get a good group of coworkers and i tuck my head in a bit when i don't. i would think that holds true with management/administration. i hope everyone has the opportunity to work with a great group at least once in their life. i like to give people the benefit of the doubt just in case they're the 'next' great group. don't you think people will hold true to your expectations good and/or bad? i like the pollyanna approach while expecting the worst results. that way i don't sabotage my own efforts. i guess i'll get burned for these opinions, but at least they're honest and open.:d [size=3]
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  3. by   P_RN
    You have said a real truth here. I have found that group dynamics will try to sink to the lowest common denominator. What we need to do is try to offset that with positive actions.

    People are people no matter if they are scholars or street sweepers. They respond to kindness and compassion everywhere.

    I have worked with some pretty awful and some pretty wonderful people. Guess which place I enjoyed more?

    Keep it up.