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  1. Has anyone ever taken an online RN refresher course. Ive been looking into them for awhile, specifically South Dakota State University, since it is the least expensive. Im wondering how the online course worked out . You have to set up your own preceptorship and that can mean some hunting around if not already working in a facility, which Im not, because I havent taken a refresher course yet. the only on campus one in my area is only offered twice a year. I missed the fall one( to busy job hunting after being out of it for 7 yrs) and the next one is not until April. I cant wait that long, as I feel I am taking so much more of a risk taking on work (agency) and not being up to date or so quick on things any more. so does anyone know if these online refreshers are any good? Has anyone taken the SDSU course.? If so Id appreciate a response. It seems to be my only option at the moment and unless I hear its a waste of time/money I will have to take it.
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  3. by   Kelky
    I did it at Kennesaw State U, but they organised the clinical experience so I presume it's just for Georgia based nurses. It was interesting, though most of the theory was not really relevant to my field as I'm in OB, but the clinical was in my field and that was very useful, though still not where I ended up getting a job.
  4. by   KarryRN
    I'm currently taking an online RN refresher course through a community college. So far it is going well. I have to set up my own preceptorship for my clinical next semester. I also took an extra class in pediatrics so I can do a pediatric clinical instead of med/surg.
  5. by   vetnrse
    thats encouraging. I just was hoping Id hear from someone who it does work for. Theory is theory any way you look at it. You can use some but throw the rest away, (after testing of course). Id have to set up my own clinical so its a matter of finding a facility that is open to this. Many are not unless you are employed there, so maybe I would have to sign on perdiem and use some of those hours toward my clinical. It looks like online is my only option at the moment, but after reading Kerrys post, its a relief to hear its working out. thanks for letting me think outloud you guys.