Online License Renewal Anyone?

  1. My California RN license expires at the end of November, and of course I waited until nearly too late to get all my "ducks in a row." Not enough drama in my life, I suppose.

    I happened to click on the "U.S. Nursing Boards" link on this very site, which took me to the CA Board of Nursing. Long story short.....I was able to renew my license on the website with a bare minimum of pain (I'd say 0.5 out of 10 on the pain scale, in fact).

    I entered my License # and my 30 hours worth of CEU's, (and of course my Credit Card info), on a Sunday morning. By that Tuesday, I was able to verify (online again) another two years of servitude! Yippee!

    Anyone else tried this? It great!

    PS The only difficulty I really had was to figure out that they don't just want your license number, they want the ALPHA-NUMERIC ....i.e. not #1234567, but RN1234567
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  3. by   P_RN
    South Carolina started that this year also.

    We don't have the CEU requirement (yet).

    I just write my check and send it in though. It's not like I'm going anywhere lately.
  4. by   ianurse
    I renewed this way this year. Much less painful! Our state has a survey you have to fill out if you've changed jobs/positions. I had but got out of that by renewing this way.
  5. by   ubcnme
    I renewed my license this year online as well; though in Kansas we don't have to list our CEU's but you have to have them available in case you get chosen for an audit. Did an ETF for the fee and that was it. Great!