One nurses stress, and a compassionate DOC!

  1. You know, there are times when we really get down on Doctors, and in most cases rightfully so...LOL! But I though I would bring up a little personal experience where a Doctor has shown to be respectful not only to his patients, but to his nurses too...and I fall in both!

    He is my PCP, but I work for a facility that 80% go to him. So we have a working relationship outside of his clinic. Of course, he was my doc before I started working for this facility...and we never discuss the patients while I am there...heck, that is my talking about patients or talking shop! LOL!

    Well, my job is going like so many others have complained, it would take a list a mile long to scratch the surface it seems...LOL! But needless to say, with stresses of daily life...with work...with a new home being built on my property (and working with the bank EEEEKKKK!)...I was getting a gray hair or two, pulling the rest out, and becoming a down right witch with stress. Something had to be done. Found myself going on the computer and having a beer or two once in a while, then that turned into more frequently(and that freaked me out!!!!). I knew...I was in a depression caused by stress, and I needed help before it was out of control!!!(I am very sensitive to harmful coping mechs, took me only a week to see mine and I tweeked!).

    So I went to my MD, and laid it all out on the line! It was hard, here is a work colleague that I adore and respect and I get to tell him how really weak I was. I want to be strong...I am a nurse for goodness sakes, I can handle this? I cried and cried talking to him, and he listened with such understanding eyes and mannerisms I was shocked!

    He comforted me on being brave enough to come in there and speak to him about it, reminded me that us medics tend to take the world on our shoulders and feel we have no need to be treated because we are depended on too much. He told me what a wonderful nurse I am, and how he is pleased to have me as a part of his team.

    Then he really helped by saying "we are going to fix this together, I won't loose another great nurse to stress, but first things first. We will try this medication and counseling on caregiver fatigue (which he assures me will be a dx in the next 5 years!), and then...we are going to get you another job! ".

    I was stunned! He gave me a nice hug and told me that I am worth so very much! That so helped!

    So I go in today to just touch base, and he told me that ever since I went to see him he has had quite a few nurses come in with the exact same complaint...and not just LTC, but hospital and clinic! He had gotten a name of a human resource lady that takes only MD recommendations...and my name is on the list! OMGosh I about died!

    Talk about a great DOC! He really cared about me, and other nurses having unique needs that differ from patients and that sometimes we need a really good push in the right direction to get out of the medical rut so to speak! I was so happily shocked I almost cried!

    Anyone have a great story about a doc that respects nurses as not only nurses, but human beings? I am so happy to say...I do! (and yes, I knocked on wood because when I like a doc they tend to move to another state...LOL!!!!!!!!!).
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  3. by   QuilterLPN
    Wow!!! What a great guy, to help you in such a way. Wouldn't it be nice if they were all like that.

    thanks for sharing your story. I hope that whichever path you decide to take is effective - ((((hugs))), keep us posted!