On Universally Accepted Nursing Abbreviations

  1. I have been working for 2 months now and in the place I have been working with, we're still manually doing nurses notes. More often than not, nurse supervisors are doing their random checks on how we are doing our nurses notes and we got the same comment, we're still using non-universal nursing abbreviations. Can anyone out it here furnish me with a list of universally accepted abbreviations? A website or a helpful link will do. Thanks and more power to allnurses.com
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    Where I have worked it's always the facility that presents a list of their accepted terms, with the help now of JCAHO and the pharmacy list of ml's versus cc's, etc. The list is usually in a policy and procedure book.
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    Your facility should have it's own policy. There are a lot of universal abbreviations that will get you dinged on a regulatory survey if you use them, even though everyone was taught the abbreviations to start with.