On the other side of the IV - page 2

First, I'm an RN in Med/Surg/Onc/Tele with 2 years experience. I take care of post ops everyday, but I was still very scared going to OR as I've never had anything done myself. I went and signed in,... Read More

  1. by   Preeps
    I don't think it is a good thing to say that a nurse should have to be hospitalized every few years to experince it from the patient's perspective. I believe that a sign of a compassionate individual is to be able to emphathize with a fellow human without having to experience themselves. It is really sad to think that some people need a surgery and some pain (lol) to be able to interact compassionately with their patient. Don't get me wrong I have nurses on my floor who fit this model and I surely wouldn't want to be under their watch.
    I once saw a Dateline NBC or 20/20 episode regarding a big time doctor who had a health crisis and he admited he had always been some what impatient and hard on his patients and went by the "buck up" mindset. After he had his surgery and felt so weak and vulnerable the light finally came on and he got it. I remember feeling oh, is that what it took after being an MD for 30 years. Sad.
  2. by   niculonghornrn
    It is strange to be on the other side...I had an outpatient procedure done and I was totally loopy! My nurse just gave me my clothes to put on and I totally gave everyone in that recovery a SHOW! She didn't help me or even cover me! My friend had to come to my rescue and save my dignity!