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  1. When I was a new grad working a med surg floor, I was passing trays. A bed bound little old lady called me after she had received her tray to ask for the bed pan. I moved the tray away, put her on the bed pan. Some time later, she rang to be removed from the bed pan having completed her bowel movement.

    She was pretty small and so I decided to clean her up and get her back to supper. I put my hands, palm up, under her to manuever her off of the bed pan. To my dismay, I encountered a moist, crescent shaped squishy, pointed-at-either-end object. She had entirely missed the bedpan and pooped a perfectly formed turd in the bed. I grimaced and proceeded. I figured I might as well pull out the offending turd before it got further smashed and spread around.

    Imagine my amazement when I pulled out one peeled banana that had fallen off of her food tray. :roll

    I wanted to giggle hysterically or celebrate but the lady was way too alert for that, so I just sedately finished the task at hand.....but I will never forget the way my heart plummeted when I encountered the smooth, squishy peeled banana in the depths of her bed sheets.
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    I've heard of Kayexelate enemas, but.................hmmm...