On line nursing degree courses

  1. How reliable are they? Are they legit? I plan to take my LVN license and I am considering taking an online course from LPN/LVN to either an RN or BSN(If possible). I am looking at on-line courses. Any thoughts on this?
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  3. by   athena55
    HI there!
    Well, can only speak from my experience and POV: I graduated from a distance based BSN program (I live in NY and attended California State University, Dominguez Hills) and am presently attending SUNY @ Stony Brook University for my NP (again via distance program). After the NP I would like to round out my education and obtain my doctorate in nursing again via the on-line route. Something about having to get up for early class, find something to wear, get to campus -- in the pouring rain/snow/sleet etc., find parking....Nah. I like the ability to submit my required homework in my Pj's while sipping a cup of tea at 0300 hours.
    ** Make sure that the program is accredited. And know if you are suitable for distance education, i.e. if distance based nursing program is the right fit for you.
    Check out this website for available nursing programs (both on-site and distance): www.Petersons.com
    Good Luck to you in your quest for a distance based nursing program. Let us know which one you have selected.