Oldest Resident in Your LTC - page 2

I'm curious to know how old the oldest folks are in your Long Term Care...or the oldest you've seen and the condition they were in... Where I work there are 70 residents...of them... 105 years... Read More

  1. by   MandyInMS
    Oldest pt I've ever cared for was 106 on a Swing Bed unit about 10 er so years ago..she was total care..unable to speak..but what a smile whenever you would talk to her,give meds,care she always had that million dollar smile.I'd sing to her while helping with her bath..she seemed to love that..I swear that grin would go clear across her face..she lived for 2 more years at home with her family..they were great...makes me smile to think of her now...waves to Ms.Logan up in heaven