OLD RN refreshing and returning!

  1. Howdy everyone!
    I have about 25 years experience in MeDSurg, Rehab, Home Health, Hospice and chart review. However, I "retired" about 10 yrs ago. I just took a refresher course and only have the 160 hrs clinical left to do to reactivate my license. I am actually excited about doing this.

    My hubby who is retired and I are thinking of getting a class A motor home and possibly doing some travel nursing. Does anyone have any suggestions for good agencies to work for? Also, what about just stopping in places and looking around for a job?

    I am feeling a little overwhelmed by all the new technology and also by the use of the unlicensed personnel! But it is rewarding to get back in the saddle again!

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look for new and interesting work as an RN. Sort of feel like I have done my time in the hospital arena and would like to try other things.

    Thanks in advance to you all. I love this website. You all sound so knowledgable and engaged! It is truly fun to visit here and read what you are all doing!

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  3. by   catlady
    If you want to be a travel nurse, you're going to have to get a year of current hospital experience. That is what I am doing right now, after spending the past six years away from direct patient care, although I was still working in nursing. There's really no getting away from it. There are a few travel assignments in LTC, case management, and management, but the overwhelming majority are acute care bedside nursing positions. And as I said, your experience has to be current.

    Oh, and good luck. I envy you being able to hit the road.
  4. by   ladygoldenchance
    Thanks for the reply! Love your darling cat as well.

    I sort of figured it would be bedside nursing for the travel. That would be ok. Just would prefer to work part time. But I guess working full time for 3 months or so would be ok to get to travel and get paid to do so!
  5. by   catlady
    Glad you like my furry guy. He's a luv, and so are his siblings.

    You'll have to put in a year on staff somewhere before you can travel. And no, I don't know of any part-time travel assignments. Just the idea that 13 weeks and it's over sounds good, though. Then you could take a long break if you wanted.
  6. by   pedsmariposa
    Hi There!

    I am new to this site ) And also old and returning (okay not too old..LOL!)

    I worked with MANY (wonderful) travel nurses in CA...You will need to get acute care experience outside of a travel nursing agency first..then you can probably get into it..They are VERY in demand..and how great..great $$, they pay part of your living expenses and you meet new people!

    I am an experienced Peds, PICU RN and have also worked Adult Oncology..I took five years off to raise my youngest - now in school (1st grade) full time..worked last year doing case mgmt stuff...now looking for acute care Peds in Colorado..WOW what an eye opener!

    Who would know there's a nursing shortage???

    Bottom line - I'm going to do a refresher course and give a hospital 120 hours - even tho I'm current, have two licenses and have done all my CEUs (required in CA)!

    Oh well...anyone else have that kind of experience?? It's hard to believe there are no hospitals in Denver that offer to preceptor returning RN's..not too much in the way of new grad programs either..Not like L.A.

    STILL - gotta love Colorado - the snow - the mountains..and I AM excited to get back to bedside nursing..I LOVE it!!