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  1. I keep several rolls of colored plastic tape at work. When I have a patient with multiole drips, I label each IV pump with a different color of tape. I also place small pieces of the same color tape along the tubing. I still follow the tubing from the pump to the patient whenever I change meds or tubing, but the colored tape makes it easier to follow the tubing.

    We had a patient whose JP drain was putting out huge amounts, so the doc wanted it hooked to wall suction. Of course, we had no adapters, so I took a 3cc syringe, removed the plunger, and cut off the flange. The luer tip of the syringe fit into the drain, and the suction tubing fit tightly over the end of the syringe.

    When giving a bed bath, I float a closed bottle of lotion in the basin of warm water. This warms the lotion so it is more soothing to the patient when I apply it after the bath.

    I had a vent dependant patient who came in from a nursing home whose mouth was full of brown crusty junk. Toothettes weren't making a dent, so I mixed peroxide, mouthwash, and water in equal parts, and made a swab by taping a 4x4 guaze around a tongue depressor. I soaked the swab in the mouthwash mixture, and used it to clean the patient's mouth. I had another nure suction with a yankauer while I scrubbed. Got all of the gunk out.

    Everyone has patient care tips to share. Let's hear about some of them.
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    Great thread! We've done this one before. Here's the link:
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    We have some new mouth care thingy at work...two side by side toothbrushes that are hollow and you can hook it up to suction. I can take anything BUT oral icky.
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    Thanks, Huganurse. I'm fairly new to the board, and didn't know about the previous thread. I found some good tips there. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.