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  1. Hi, Im Tammy an senior nursing student in Ohio. Im doing a report to my Trends and Transition class on the Addicted Nurse. Im just wondering what is the most important part of this topic that I need to tell my fellow nursing students? Ive read alot of sad stories during my search.I think this is a topic that hits really hard in the nursing profession because we all have access to the drugs but it would be extremely difficult to watch your friend and coworker handcuffed and taken to prison. Thanks for all your help. Will graduate in June.
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  3. by   KatWright
    When wondering what to tell your fellow students...........what info did you take from research that you did? What was the 2 or 3 things that were repeated in each article? Does that mean that it was important or interesting?
    When reporting anything, report the FACTS not the what ifs or the maybes.
    Ask one of your peers what they want to know.
    This is a distressing topic but it is important to share the facts with your peers.
    Good luck
  4. by   WashYaHands
    It is a distressing topic. I agree with KatWright that you need to state the facts and not the what if's or the maybe's. You may consider including information about an Impaired Professional Diversion Program if your state has one. Your states Board of Nursing may be able to direct you to program information if your state offers this assistance.
    As nurses our caring extends beyond the bedside which is why these assistance programs were implemented.

    Best of Luck