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Our class guest speaker today was the VP over Human Resources of a large health system. He told us that according to research the 4 factors which contribute to the turnover of nursing staff in... Read More

  1. by   tiger
    i have worked on the same unit for 12+ years. i never before had a manager that treats the staff poorly until recently(and this is number six) . the new manager(who actually is not new at all to the hospital but only to our unit) totally sux. i won't elaborate but trust me, i know. several people retired early and several quit or transferred. a manager CAN make all the difference. prior to this manager our staffing was cut but we didn't feel screwed by the manager. now we do. edited to say--the manager can make a big difference--not all the difference-- just in the way he/she interacts with his/her staff.
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  2. by   shrinkyrn
    Just a quick question--was his purpose to purely point out the causes or did he offer what could be solutions??
  3. by   shrinkyrn
    sorry to have repeated a question that was already asked in a previous post It's late. ---BTW I tried to delete the post when I realized the question had already been asked and it wouldn't go away-----any idea how come, anyone???
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  5. by   Brita01
    I wholeheartedly agree with number 3. Example on night shift:
    I go into a patient's room. She asks me for her regular meds and a pain pill. I leave the room to get it. Phone is ringing at the nurse's station so I answer it because no one else is there. I spend a few minutes taking care of the phone call. I finish with the phone call and the call light is ringing. I answer the light because no one else is there. Spend many minutes trying to take care of the light and get someone to the room. I go to the "Suremed" (it's like a Pyxis) to get the pain pill and it's in the drawer with 10 other narcotics, so I have to stand there and count EVERY one of them. I finally have the pain pill in hand. I go to the patient's personal med drawer to get her other meds and notice that there are several that pharmacy didn't stock. Pharmacy is gone for the night! So I get on the phone with the house supervisor so she/he can go unlock the pharmacy and get the pills I need. I take two steps toward my patient's room with only the pain pill in my hand and the phone at the station starts to ring........:roll Gawd, I can't go on. I'm making myself tired just thinking about it. :chuckle