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So after leaving the polls running for several weeks the one I felt most interesting was the opinion of US trained nurses opinion on Foreign trained nurses, only 54 people voted on this poll which is... Read More

  1. by   groonurse
    I love your blog/article. Well spoken. I have been a nurse of the process of cheaper nurses from foreign shores and decided to act accordingly.
    I became a foreign nurse, worked in Canada and now in Australia. Everything apart from registration was totally transferable and I now was the specialist that talked funny.
    Nurses have to realize that in the U.S. you are a number. Anywhere else, you are a commodity that is wanted. New grads that can grab a perioperative course can write their own ticket to travel and get a job quickly.
    I worked in the Public sector here that was horrible... they treated me like a number. I am now working in a private surgery center north of Sydney and am loving it even if they don't understand me when I speak in the California drawl.
    The pay is good, the place runs just like my old place in San Diego and the company I work for is great.
    I felt like I just had to have enough disrespect to make the change.... it only took time for me to realize that if they want so many foreign nurses, let them have them but no one to teach or translate to/for them.
    Anyone else had enough... pack your bags and come see me. I have been working enough overtime to fill a bucket and could use a few good scrub/circulating nurses. Here we work with 3 nurse to a room, scrub, scout/circulating/, anaesthetic nurse. No more 1.5-2 nurses per room... it's all gravy, just a shortage of us.
    Give it back to them and come see me in Oz... Oprah did, you're next.