Nursing school in the states??

  1. I already posted this on the International Nursing section but don't seem to get any answers so I'll give this one a shot!

    I've been browsing this forum for a while now... and the thing that puzzles me are the abbreviations of different nursing programs in the US.

    I'm starting a nursing program on Aug. 19th and it will last for 3,5 years, no prereqs. just apply with your high school diploma (+entrance exam=personality tests and teacher interview).

    I know a bit of the college system in the US (I spent a semester in TX high school) but please fill me in... how do you end up as a nurse in the States???
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  3. by   twarlik
    To become an RN, there are three routes:

    -BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing): This is a four year, university-based program.

    -Associates degree: This is a two year (sometimes three year) community college based program. Lots of people go this route since community college's tend to be less expensive than universities.

    -Diploma: These are hospital based programs. I don't think very many of these are around any longer. I believe they usually take two or three years.

    Regardless of the degree you get, everyone take the same exam to become an RN.

    I hope this helped. I'm sure some others can fill in any holes that I've left.
  4. by   Ada
    That helped a lot... so the program I'm taking will be more on the BSN program side. Anyways thanks a lot!
  5. by   Tink RN
    Hi Ada!
    As twarlik has stated, there are several routes to practice nursing in the states.
    1 - BSN is a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing which takes
    about 4 years to complete (RN, BSN)
    2 - ADN which stands for Associates Degree in Nursing, takes 2-3
    years to complete at a Technical College (RN, ADN)
    3 - LPN which stands for Liscensed Practical Nurse generally
    takes a year if you complete prereq classes first - this is
    a Diploma - also from a Technical College (LPN)

    All 3 require you to pass a state board liscense examination after you graduate from Nursing School (prior to practicing) for the state in which you plan to work. BSN and ADN require the same board exam for RN and the LPN has a seperate board exam. As for the differences in nursing practice between RNs and LPNs, it varies from state to state.
    There are many other options to consider beyond BSN such as a Masters degree or Nurse Practitioner, all of which require a Bachelors degree as the foundation.
    Some other abbreviations you may have seen might be various certifications you can earn once you become a Nurse.
    Congratulations on your decision to persue a career in Nursing! I wish you the best of luck and I hope all goes well for you!