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  1. by   durb
    New grad pay in a hospital is 14.80 an hour. I have 6 yrs exp. & make 17.80 an hr. plus 2.00 shift diff. for 3-7pm & 3.00 shift diff. for 11pm-7am. Also 3.00 xtra an hr. for weekends. PRN pay is 23.00 an hr. with no benefits & plenty of hrs. Agency work is 24.00-30.00 an hr. Often the hosp. pay is supplemented with 12.00-15.50 an hr. for incentive pay. There is also a HUGE shortage of nurses! We are OVERWORKED & extremely UNDERPAID for the amt. of stress we have!!
  2. by   Pamela67
    This is really enlightening! I have my BSN and just recieved my certification in Obstetrics. I do not make more for my BSN or a percentage more for my Certification. I have been told that our pay scale is very competitive but after reading this nursing board I have to differ.
  3. by   forgiven57
    I work in Fairbanks, Alaska, and nurses here, with no experience, start out at almost $20.00/hour, with shift diff of $1.00 for second, and $2.00 for third. The hospital here will also pay bonuses and relocation for people with experience in the areas we need.
  4. by   hhrn
    Originally posted by NorthernRN:
    To add on to your RN's in San Antonio are making $20+/hr and the larger hospital systems are paying about that for experienced, specialized RN's. Dialysis clinics are paying a little less than that...about $18/hr + to start. But you also have to consider what they will deduct from your pay for med/dental benefits.
    I agree with you about benifits. I live outside of Indy in a small town and with 4 years of various experience(dialysis, LTC, manage GP practice) and now love my job in Home Health. I just started at $16/hr which doesn't sound like much at first but I only pay $75/mo for full family medical coverage ($500 individual ded.max 1500)+ dental ($25 ded per person). I get $.325 a mile and get paid for my total time a day. I do about 35-40 visits/wk call every 6th weekend and one night a week. I work for a non for profit org. and think we are treated fairly well. I am the only one working in our house as my husband is disabled d/t severe back injury. I have 2 grade school children and I alone was able to buy a nice home. I don't think it's all that bad.
  5. by   RN2B
    I live in Texas and I have to admit that our nurses are making great $ compared to our cost of living expenses. An RN will start at $20-$22 and a LVN will start at $17.50. That is not bad considering average rent is $600-$700 a month. I am moving to Florida in 4 months. Please let me know (anyone) about the salaries there. Thanks!!!
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Just couldn't resist adding my 2 cents worth. I work in lg 8oo bed hospital, level I trauma center and I make $16.58 hr with 10 yrs experience. RN from Quincy, IL = I work at your referral hospital.

    As for the nurse from Las Vegas - I worked at Humana Sunrise from 1990 to 1992 on post-partum and ER. Loved the sun.

    To the Indy nurse - worked home health with several agencies from 1994 to 1996. Went to a home near the Coca=Cola plant and had a gun pulled on me! I would never do home health again.

    However, I have also had several violent incidents here in IL, so no where is safe. BUT, in IL, it is a felony to assault a healthcare worker. Sooo.
  7. by   princessRN4
    I am in Connecticut and will be starting a new job at a big teaching hospital in a few weeks on a pediatric specialty unit. I am a BSN, RN with 5 years experience and will start at a base pay rate of $20.45/hr. with a $3.05/hr. shift differential for nights and an additional $2.90 weekend differential. This is a $3.00/hr. pay cut from my current job in Pediatric Home Care, but I believe I will be happier in this more fast-paced new environment. I am also in graduate school for my Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and know that better pay days are ahead, I just need to be patient.
  8. by   TravelingTexan
    And from the traveling sector...
    I have been offered contracts for anywhere from $18 to $35/hr. But! You have to look at what comes with the salery. Those higher wages generally offer few (if any) benefits. The contracts I have accepted have paid an average $20/hr plus benefits (medical, dental, 401K, etc), plus travel expenses and housing costs while on the job.
  9. by   BlissRN
    Hello All, Just wanted to put my 2 cents into this discussion. I am RN with my BSN. I graduated in 1996. I have worked the basic gamut required he in the great state of MA. Most hospitale around this area seem to want Nurses with some type of experience, most of us start working homes for at least a year, before the hospitals want to hire us. I did my time and while working a an acute ventilator unit, I had the opportunity to take a dysrhythmia class and become ACLS certified. I enjoyed it, and knew at that time Hospiptal nurseing was my calling. I finally got into a rural hospital in my area, all they had was a 27 bed med surg floor with a 6 bed SCU/ICU unit. I got my critical experience there, but I felt I needed more. I started working for an agency where I could work all sorts of different assignments as well as work on med surg units as well as ICU, CCU, PCU, and the ER. I have been working now specifically now for almost 8 months. My salary ranges anywhere for 21.00 for private duty care to 22.50 for Nursing Home, to 28.oo for Med Surg with a 1.40 deff for 2nd shift and another 1.50 for 11-7. The specialty units make anywhere from 40 for days to 42 for evenings to 44 for nights. Weekend differentional goes anythere from 1.50 to 3.75 depending ont he assignment. Plus I must add I love living in New Englan, but in 10yrs or so, I would love to relocate maybe in VT or NH....Any thoughts or suggestions, love to hear them.
  10. by   KHRISTY
    I am a student nurse and i recieve a bursary of 390 per month which equals 2.20 per hour when i am on placements!!!!

  11. by   michellejackson
    i live in columbus georgia and a new grad starts off with about 15.50 and hour there is of course a shift diff for nites and weekends. i also drive up to atlanta and make anywhere form 45$hour-$33hour. this of course is thru an agency. i think that we all could benifit from a union. i have been hearing about nurses striking, i just wish we would all bond together and strike. of course you always have some nurses that will cross the picket line. in some places a nurse crossing the line can make up to $5000 dollars an hour. tell me if anyone out there knows anything about nurses striking

    michelle moore
    icu nurse
  12. by   psee
    I work on a telemetry unit in a large urban hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. New grads start at $16.32 an hour plus $1.00 an hour shift differential for nights and $1.00 an hour WE differential. New RN's must work every other WE. Like elsewhere, we have a severe nursing shortage. The hospital system employs 2,000 RN's and at our hospital we have 130 RN openings. Will more money help the situation? Improved patient-nurse ratios? The nurses here are seriously looking to unionize (vote to be held by dec. 2000).

  13. by   KT
    I am currently in the Virginia Area. Salaries here differ depending on your location. My nurses in Home Health(Infusion Therapy) are making 18-19.00/hr. I left a job with 5years experience in Michigan in 96 to come to Virginia and was making 17.95/hr when I moved I went down to 14.20/hr. I hate to tell thew idiot who coined the phrase "cost of living" it doesn't matter where you live you must still be able to pay the bills and at 14.20/hr that is impossible. Luckily I am now in Management and am making slightly more but not enough. My staff nurses make more than I do with call, travel and after hours visit because management can not receive OT because we are salaried. WHAT WOULD THE WORLD DO IF NURSES ALL OVER TOOK A SICK DAY EVERWHERE? Unfortunately we are all responsible professionals who realize this would only hurt the ones we are trying to help heal.