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  1. by   d11b11
    Look around very carefully. After 8 years I make around 24.00/hr. This is unusual for my area, but you need to market yourself wisely. It also depends what area of nursing you are looking in to.
  2. by   aanPJH
    I live in the Va Beach, VA area and make $18/hr with a $1.30 eve diff. I am an RN with a critical care background and 17 years of nursing behind me. For traditional "hospital hire" jobs, $22 is about tops and you'd have to me doing some kind of managment position. It is outrageous to me that ANY RN can not really support themselves on a nursing salary. it is a nice second salary, though not fair, but as a second salary it doesn't feel as pathetic!
  3. by   NYERRN
    Originally posted by lita1857:
    NYERRN, just curious...are they passing out bullet-proof vests or are the working conditions soooo bad they had to hike the money to get anyone to work?? I know it's not because they suddenly realized how valuable nursing is!!!!
    Well...come to think of it...I have been injured/attacked 5 times in the last 2 years. It's a typical NYC owned/operated hospital, but staffing is high, support is above norm....I think it's more so that City owned hospitals are consumed by over spending and waste (shhh!). I work at other private ER's in NYC and their rate of pay is pretty close, but short on support. And we are pretty valuable as nurses! Who else would put up with what we have to deal with?
  4. by   ERBABE
    Our new contract states that the starting salary for new graduate RN is $51,763 (New York City) and calls for staffing improvment hospital wide. I'm currently making $37.90/hr plus diff as an RN in the ER. No injuries to myself to report....I know when to "Duck"!(Sorry NYERRN). ER's and violence seem to go hand in hand.
  5. by   lita1857
    I am constantly impressed by nurses who work under these conditions. I can't imagine 5 incidents in 2yrs!!! They can't pay enough for some one so valuable...and your right about waste etc we see it here too.take care
  6. by   MED/SURG NURSE
    I have been an ADN RN on a med/surg floor of a 99 bed hospital in rural Wi. for 12 yrs. I make 21.20/hr with .50 charge nurse diff and 2.00 night shift diff.
  7. by   bboop
    I have read several of the salaries and very surprised at some. I have been an RN for 31 yrs and have lived in many states and overseas. It always amazes me how little nurses are paid for their responsibilities.When I moved to Hampton, VA 4 yrs ago, I worked as a LPN instructor for $13/hr and then as Home Health nurse for @ $17/hrs. I presently work for a managed care insurance company making @ $20/hr.
    My son (30 yrs old) with a BS Computer Science makes @ $30/hr and my daughter (29 yrs old) with a MA Ed earns @$22/hr. They both feel under paid for what they do. It is sad ): that RN's their age, who are responsible for peoples lives, make a lot less money.
    (: At least over the last 2 yrs in this area RN salaries have increased due to community pressures and the nursing shortage. I hope public awareness continues to help nurses stay in the field.
  8. by   sheila26
    I just graduated in May 2000. I am starting an RN position at a major teaching hospital in the Chicagoland area. This hospital is offering 18.60/hour + 1.75 pm diff and 2.00 noc diff and 2.00 weekend differential on top of the shift differential. I turned down a job at a smaller community hospital in the ICCU. They offered 19.00/hour plus a 2.50 pm diff and 2.75 noc diff and also a 2.00 weekend diff on top of the shift diff.
    I turned down the job because as a new grad I didn't have the confidence to start in critical care. Just wondering, because there is a nursing shortage, should hospitals hire new grads in the ER, ICCU or OR. What do you think
  9. by   pipern
    I know nurses are underpaid, but reading these messages, I think I am pretty lucky. I thought SC was one of the lowest paying states. With only 1 1/2 yrs experience I work 11-7 in upstate SC. New grads start around $15-15.50. plus shiff diff 11-7 is 2.40/hr and weekends add an extra $5-8/hr more.
  10. by   dllawson
    I am an LPN working in Canton, Ohio in an extended care facility. I have 7 years experience and have started my new job at $15.00/hr. Most LPN postions in this area I have found start between $12 and $13/hr.
  11. by   nanjam
    After reading some replies I am curious as to whether a union has made a significant difference overall? Also, seniority in Nursing does not seem to increase one's income as proportionately as it does in the private sector. We seem to be settling for less than we are worth.
  12. by   DonnaG
    Originally posted by natbrat:
    What are some common nursing salaries for ER, Med surg, OR ICCU
    Highs and lows
    I live in Northeast Tennessee and the starting pay in the area I work in, which has a level One Trauma ER, is only 12.51-13.08/hr for new grads. The cost of living in NE TN is really high too. A nice house would cost you 210-350 thousand. And I don't mean a really big house. More like a 2-3 bedroom 1 1/2-2 bath 1500-1900 sq. ft kind of house. So, the cost of living compared to our starting pay really stinks! I have read the demographics for our area on the net and they say nurses in NE TN are supposed to be making around 17-19/hr and well we definitely are not. Shift diff. is about 8% for 2nd shift and 12% for 3rd. I am a new grad and start in the new born nursery in one week and I start @ the same pay rate as the ER and ICU nurses. Hope this helps. Donna ;}
  13. by   Jo_deye_yuh
    I live in a rural community in western South Dakota. I work in a clinic as their Orthopaedic Nurse. I also scrub and assist my dr in surgery. I also fill in as the Urology Nurse, Cardiology/Internal Med Nurse, Surgical Nurse and for various family practice Nurses. I have 2 years experience and am the only nurse in the clinic to apply and remove casts, scrub, and fill in the various areas of nursing shortage. I make less than some in our medical records dept. The hours are to be 8-5pm with occasional Saturday Urgent Care coverage with no pay diff. and put in typically 10-12 hr days. The only benifits they offer are a time share program. In this clinic there is no standard of pay. In fact a nurse they hired 1 1/2 yr after me with no more education or experience was hired at $0.60/hr more than I after being there for 2 years. Plus her position is lower than mine! humpf go figure. I make....are you ready for this one? .......... $10.91/hr and that is after a raise! I am an LPN, but there are some RN's there that have over 20 years experience, and have been working there for 7+ years and only making $13/hr. At our local hospital they are hiring new RN grads with no experience at $13. The cost of living is NOT cheap here at all. If I were a man and worked at one of the area Sawmill's or other corporations, just graduated from high school, I could be making over $14/hr! I am in the process of getting my ASN, but the only difference between an RN and LPN in South Dakota is being able to start and infuse IV's. I could get IV certified however..but still be an LPN (Low Paid Nurse) ha ha So chins up! See how much better you got it?! Happy Nursing!
    Originally posted by HoJo:
    This dollar figure might frighten some of you, how about $14.15 an hour. $16.00 sounds pretty good to me. Of course I live in South Dakota where everyone is underpaid. I might also add that $ figure is in the largest city in SD, I'm not sure how much the more rural nurses make here, but I'm sure it's even less than what I make!!

    That's why I'm looking elsewhere. Does any one know how much a nurse makes in AZ, I'm looking at moving there.
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