Nursing profession & International orphan advocacy

  1. I'm a doctoral nursing student who is interested in International Orphan Advocacy. Very little nursing research involves orphan care, though much work is being done to decrease HIV transmission and therefore would result in fewer orphans.

    My passion is to bring international orphan advocacy into the nursing profession...for research on maximizing orphan health, eradicating causes of orphans, improving orphan education initiatives, and reducing the number of orphans that end up in sex trade, drug addiction, and crime.

    Given nursing's history of championing healthcare for the vulnerable, orphan care has been very fragmented in nursing.

    I would like to eventually form a nursing organization dedicated to International Orphan Advocacy. I would like to know how much interest there might be among nurses on this forum, and I'd like your opinion on the idea, pro and con! Thank you!
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  3. by   Motivated grandma
    I'm just a "potential" nursing student, but some of my kids were adopted internationally. I would love to be a part of an organization that advocates for these children.
  4. by   Servingshots
    I have been interested in this for a while now. I worked at a non-profit organization that were big time advocates for orphans and that's what first interested me in caring for orphans. I think you have a great idea and I would love to be apart of that sort of work!
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Will move to the research forum.