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  1. I am a 1st year student nurse from Edinburgh in Scotland,UK. In September 2002 I have to do a selective placement. This can be done anywhere in the world. I have to find a place by the end of this year and was wondering if anyone out there had any ideas as to where I could go. I was thinking of somewhere in the USA. I am interested in A & E, Intensive care and theatre, but would consider any field. If anyone knows of hospitals in their area that take students from the UK let me know. If possible could you let me have an e.mail address for the hospital so I can contact them. I will also need ideas on accomodation (cheap, as I have to fund this myself). Also it would be nice to hear from other student nurses to compare different training methods in different countries.

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    Doreen, Hello. I'm not sure whether this hospital would be what you are looking for, but it is what they call in the USA, a level one trauma center, and teaching hospital.The name is,SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital. It is located in Syracuse, New York. The email address is I know they do have a summer program for nursing students. If you do end up coming here, that would be neat. Good luck and God Bless.