nursing jobs in other areas

  1. I live in a very depressed area of the country and am trying to talk my husband into moving "where the grass is greener" so to speak. Any recommendations where this green area might be?? In other words - good money with a reasonable cost of living. A friend's relative just told me Florida hospitals pay about $ 32/hr with a $ 10,000 sign on bonus. But another friend said the cost of living is outrageous which I guess cancels out any gain in salary. Just dreaming of sunnier weather I guess .....................
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  3. by   JBudd
    I have a great job, but my cost of living is very high. :chuckle

    Have you tried some of the real estate sites? They will do a cost of living comparison for areas for you, what salary you need for the cost of living, compared to where you are. Sorry I don't remember exactly what site I was on, but had fun looking up what I would need for different places around the country.

    Good luck!