Nursing jobs across the country?

  1. Ok, here's my situation.

    I'm just entering a nursing program, so in 2 years I'll be an RN. Once I become an RN (and paramedic), I'd really like to work at a lvl 1 trauma center. Los Angeles is the #1 place on my list of places to go. However, there is one small issue.

    I live in Virginia.

    If I were to apply for a nursing position at a hospital in LA (assuming they had spots available), how likely is it that I'd get a job there, based on the fact I live across the country? Do hospitals offer relocation assistance, as some other jobs do? My dream has always been to get to LA and either work in a hospital or as a paramedic on the streets in Glendale or Burbank.

    Any insight into this matter is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   pointhope
    You'll have no problem getting a job in any city you desire when you graduate. Almost all hospitals offer relocation packages with their contracts. They often do the interview over the phone for out of towners and then FedEx the Package with the contracts. Good luck to you. You may even contact some of the hospitals in the area where you want to eventually work. Sometimes they offer tuition payment packages to prospective students and let you sign a contract stating that you will work for them after you graduate. Could be a bonus for you both.
  4. by   renerian
    I agree with the above. When we moved to another city I searched the web for different places i wanted to work, contacted them by phone or email. Started the ball rolling. Good luck.

  5. by   MattEMT
    That is AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for that information!
  6. by   2banurse
    Hi Matt,

    Do searches of hospitals in Los Angeles...usually you can find a few that have websites. Then you can see what their requirements are. Although with your background, I'm sure that you'll have no problems, but make sure that ADN is all that is required. When I did a search for NYU Medical Center, I saw that you needed to have a BSN and a year of med/surg first.

  7. by   MattEMT
    Thanks Kris. I sent an e-mail to the nursing program at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. It would be a dream come true to work there! Hopefully I get some information back soon from them. I'm still looking around at other hospitals.