Nursing in Arizona?

  1. I have a question about Arizona. I am a critcal care nurse in Canada who is working towards creditation. I am just finishing a year long critical care course. I work in an ICU.

    I am thinking about where I see myself in 5 years......... and I think I might, no wait, I do want some adventure.

    We as Canadians have visited Arizona twice. We are quite fond of FLagstaff, since the mountians and ocassional snow fall reminds us of home.

    Can anyone give me any insight regarding nursing in the state of Arizona? Wages, enviroment, ANTHING!?!?!?!?

    I need some help. I would really appreciate any comments, of any kind. I am trying to make up my mind. I am over 40, making right now about 22.00 dollars an hour, top RN in Ontario makes about 36.00. But our taxes are high.

    ANY input!????? THanks in advance!

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  3. by   hogan4736
    wages range from 18/hr to 26/hr on average...

    hotter than Hades here in the summer!!
  4. by   Andy S.
    Love AZ! I was born and raised here. I worked in Flagstaff for 2 years (med/surg). It is a great place to work, I had an awesome manager. Flagstaff is fairly temperate compared to the rest of the state, the rest of AZ heads to Flagstaff for the summers! LOL.

    The wages range on experience, when I left 2 years ago they were offering a $2,000 sign on bonus. It might be more now, AZ is struggling for RN's. I think they also do relocation stuff as well as great benefits.

    Got to love our Winters!