nursing hours

  1. Please talk to me about your opinion on hours that nurses work. I have heard that the 8 hr shift is better than the 12. There has been comment on more errors made beyond 8 hours because nurses are tired and just not on top of things. I know that we get tired and slow down some-but is there really that much difference?
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  3. by   P_RN
    12 hours make a 3 day week. 8 hours make a 5 day week.

    You are correct saying ther are studies about length of time on duty etc. My problem was my 55 year old legs and brain slowed exponentially with every hour past 8 .Since most 12s turned into 13s and 14s, with my commute I was away from home 16-17 hours a day. Id get maybe 5 hours sleep and back again the next day. THAT is not safe.
  4. by   KlareRN
    I think it depends on what side of the staffing you are on. 12 hr. shifts are ideal for alot of people (and with the nurse shortage-it takes less nurses to staff a facility)- but when a 12 hr. nurse calls in; it leaves a shift and a half short. It is really difficult to fill a 12 hour slot. I am currently consulting in a small facility that uses alot of 12 shifts-especially on the weekends. (Both licensed nurses and aides). One call in creates a hole and a half...seems like an eternity for those working "short" on the floor.
    Personally I used to work alot of 12 shifts when I was a floor nurse and I loved it...just depends on your lifestyle and after work activities.
  5. by   massEDgirl
    Like you said...12 hours makes a 3 day week.....the thought of going in on that forth day is a KILLER for me.

    By the end of 8 hours I am "on a roll"...might as well stay and keep on rolling.
  6. by   Jenny P
    I work a mix of both 8's and 12's. The 8's are much easier on me than the 12's are; I was under 45 when I had to switch from straight 12's to this 8/12 mix. It was my decision, and because I didn't want to give up working every 3rd w/e, this was my choice. Yes, I'm at work more often with the 8 hour shifts; but at least I'm functional while on them. 3 12's in a row takes me 2 days to recover from; but I do have a feeling of a little extra say overe my life this way.
  7. by   massEDgirl
    Although i do 3--12's jenny....3 in a row would kill me to!!

    We have self-schedualing.....get to pick what days you want to long as you book yourself your weekends and holidays....(of course they will book it for you if you try to get away without doing them)

    We have a rotating list for signing up first for days......last on the list has to kind of fill in the blanks of whats left.......but then next scheduale you are first and get what you want......less complaining from nurses......and the people who ended up picking last find ways of "switching off" if need be.

    I do only 2-12's in a row during the winter months while the kids are in school and I can come home and sleep (work night shift)......when they are home in the summer (except for my weekend) I spread the days out (on-off-on-off....yuk!!)