Nursing Home Staffing ACT 2005

  1. I recently went from acute care to LTC. Was shocked Tracheostomies, IV therapy, gastric tubes with staff 1 lpn to 30 patients.
    I Searched what was legal and found not only has there been a "Nursing Home Staffing Act 2005 for 15 pts to one nurseDIRECT CARE ONLY NOT ADMINISTRATIVE DUTIES COUNT! But not one Nurse I met ever heard of it much less support it by writing their Senetor or Congressman.
    So as a Nurse, to Nurses, can you PLEASE read it, and Write! Too many Nurses tend to talk and vent, then accept it stating "it will never change any way" Look at the mandatory staffing changes in California. It took years. But we need to support each other to make a change.
    Small minds talk about people. Takes only 60 seconds to find email or address, 2 minutes to write Senator, Congressman.
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  3. by   Kashia
    Thanks for the information. I researched bill and status and found this below
    at website Index of /congress
    With this sleepy congress that is not even in session now doubt much will happen. after first of yr with new congress we need to email call write our congressman and ask them to move this bill forward.

    109th U.S. Congress (2005-2006)
    H.R. 4293: Nursing Home Staffing Act of 2005

    To amend titles XVIII and XIX of the Social Security Act to establish minimum requirements for nurse staffing in nursing facilities receiving payments under the Medicare or Medicaid Program.

    Status: Introduced
    This bill is in the first step in the legislative process. Introduced bills go first to committees that deliberate, investigate, and revise bills before they go to general debate. The majority of bills never make it out of committee.
  4. by   banditrn
    Orlando - Never heard of it - someone must have buried it, probably the head of all these corporations.

    I just left a nursing home like that, that would staff like that, with those kinds of patients, except for the IV's. Had 34 to 40 residents, but a lot of nites I spent mainly with 1 or two of them.

    I will check into this!