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  1. I'm trying to find out a nurse who was an AJN editor for around 25 years that died "on the job". This person was a journalist and also a nursing historian. In addition they were a charter member of the History of Nursing Source Committee and conceived the notion of a nursing information bureau and created it. thanks for any help you can give me.

    I'm looking specifically for that person's name.
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  3. by   RaggedyRN
    Maybe this is who you are looking for?

    Sophia French Palmer - 63k

    Good Luck!
  4. by   VandyNursingStudent
    No, I'm afraid that's not her. We have a list of 20 people we're trying to find out who they were and Sophia French Palmer was already one of them. Any other ideas? Thanks for your reply though!
  5. by   kukukajoo
    Check this site- You have to click on each individual but full of information there as well as all over the site.

    Good luck and please let me know the answer!

    Gravesites of Historically Significant Nurses
  6. by   Balder_LPN
    Not sure if by "on the job" you mean editing ajn or nursing

    here are two to try from NursingCenter - Library - Journal Issue - Article

    "Ena Morris died at age 92 on October 1 in New York City. A former World War II army nurse and public health nurse, she was an associate editor for AJN . After retirement, she learned to speak Latin and taught courses on James Joyce’s Ulysses and Middle Eastern history. According to former AJN editor Mary Mallison, Morris “provided the exemplar of how one can continue to learn, grow, and stay physically and intellectually healthy in retirement.”

    Florence Downs died at age 80 on September 8 in New Jersey. Downs was an internationally respected scholar and researcher and was director of postgraduate and research programs at New York University and later an associate dean at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. She also was editor of Nursing Research for 17 years."
  7. by   VandyNursingStudent
    They were not clear by what "on the job" meant but I suspect it was while nursing. According to information from my professor, the last part of my clues are important. That she was charter member of that organization and also that she founded the Nursing Information Bureau.

    I'm really appreciative of the replies so far, I don't think we've found the person yet. All are sites I've already found through searching Google. I'm loving this challenge but it's frustrating. Thanks for any help anyone can give. Any nursing history buffs out there?
  8. by   Balder_LPN

    Mary Roberts Rinehart 1876-1958

    then I am tapped out

    There are only about 5 internet references to "nursing information bureau" founder and none are helpfull

    and none for "History of Nursing Source Committee"
  9. by   kukukajoo
    i found it!!!

    ana hall of fame: 1984 inductee mary may roberts, 1877-1959
    about the hall of fameinductees2004 inductees
    information and nominations
    mary may roberts served as editor of the american journal of nursing from 1921-1949. when she became co-editor in 1921 with katherine dewitt, she had 22 years of nursing experience, a baccalaureate degree, and a certificate in administration of nursing schools from teachers college, columbia university. in 1923, she became sole editor, a post she would hold for more than a quarter century. during her editorship, the circulation increased from 20,000 to more than 100,000.
    in 1934, concerned about the need for a sound public relations program for the profession, she launched the "nursing information bureau," almost wholly financed and administered by the journal company. in 1949, she retired, becoming editor emeritus. during retirement, she authored books on nursing in america, including the army nurse corps--yesterday and today, and maintained her keen and sensitive interest in nursing and the journal. she died in 1959 while at work on an editorial in the journal offices.
  10. by   VandyNursingStudent
    You're right! I just found it a little while ago and was logging back in to tell everyone when I saw you had posted it. It was Mary May Roberts. Thanks for your help, that was truly a tough one. There was not much at all about this lady. Not to mention we didn't get any of the names or even a list of names to work with. Just the details of their lives. There are some awesome nurses in history that I discovered as I read through all these pages of info. We have quite the legacy to carry on.
  11. by   kukukajoo
    Sounds like you have a very wise instructor! Not only did you learn about the nurses you had to research, but you also learned about other nurses in the process without even trying!
  12. by   RDtoNP
    From another Vandy student a little late in the conversation, thanks so much for all of your hardwork!!