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Hello! I am VERY interested in nursing history, and focusing on Florence Nightingale. I have been in England many times, not for shopping, but for trawelling her footsteps....Of course not only... Read More

  1. by   Jenny P
    Originally posted by Mattigan
    I enjoy history, also.

    This site may be of interedt to you.
    American Association for the History of Nursing.
    There is an area on this site that is one of my favorite quirky internet sites: the gravesite series, which is a "virtual" graveyard where you can visit the graves of famous nurses. I enjoy nursing history too, and would love to learn more about it in other countries too.

    Posted by a-rose: "Hello, florry!
    I know a website on nursing history in Chinese. There are some content about it you want to read. Can you read Chinese?"

    A-rose, I would love to read Chinese, but unfortunately I can't. Is there any chance there may be some translation of this somewhere?

    And is there anyone else with different countries' nursing histories out there? I am always so curious about stuff like this.
  2. by   Jenny P
    Originally posted by a-rose
    here is it.
    a-rose, my poor computer just gives me a few dates and TONS of question marks at this site. It would be interesting to know what it really says. :chuckle
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    Florry, your English (and typing) is better than mine and it's my native language. I just wanted to warmly welcome you to allnurses. Hope to hear more from you often. Consider this home!
  4. by   florry
    Hello smiling blue eyes!

    I don't know, - if you do know; how much complimenting my English meen to me..

    I REALLY DO APRESSIATE (I know that was wrong spelling, but now I dont care about it ..)

    Its so funny to discuss nursing and find other out there with the same iterests!!!!