Nursing Encouragement

  1. One of the highest of human duties is the duty of encouragement...It is easy to laugh at men's ideals: it is easy to pour cold water on their enthusiasm; it is easy to discourage others. The world is full of discouragers...We have a duty to encourage one another. Many a time a word of praise or thanks has kept a man on his feet. Blessed is the man speaks such a word.:kiss
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  3. by   Starrla Crystal
    A Beautiful Thought

    Some people come into our lives
    and quietly go.
    Others stay for awhile
    and leave footprints on our hearts
    and we are never the same.
  4. by   Starrla Crystal

    Let me dedicate my life today
    to the care of those who come my way.
    Let me touch each one
    with healing hand
    and the gentle art for which I stand.
    And then tonight
    when day is done,
    Let me rest in peace
    if I've helped just one.
  5. by   Huganurse
    Thank you Starria Crystal. :-)
  6. by   Starrla Crystal
    A Prayer

    Let me do my work each day;
    And if the darkened hours of despair overcome me,
    May I not forget the strength that comforted me in the desolation of other times.
    May I still remember the bright hours that found me walking over the silent hills of my childhood
    Or dreaming on the margin of a quiet river, when a light glowed within me,
    And I promised my early God to have courage amid the tempests of the changing years.
    Spare me from bitterness and from the sharp passions of unguarded moments.
    May I not forget that poverty and riches are of the spirit.
    Though the world know me not, may my thoughts and actions be such
    As will keep me friendly with myself.
    Lift my eyes from the Earth and let me not forget the uses of the stars.
    Forbid that I should judge others, lest I condemn myself.
    Let me not follow the clamor of the world, but walk calmly in my path.
    Give me a few friends who will love me for what I am;
    And keep ever burning before my vagrant steps, the kindly light of hope.
    And though age and infirmity overtake me, and I come not within sight of the castle of my dreams,
    Teach me still to be thankful for life, and for times olden memories that are good and sweet;
    And may evenings' twilight find me gentle still.

    Max Erhmann
  7. by   Starrla Crystal
    Being a NURSE means...
    You will never be bored.
    You will always be frustrated.
    You will be surrounded by challenges.
    So much to do and so little time.
    You will carry immense responsibility
    and very little authority.
    You will step into people's lives
    and you will make a difference.
    Some will bless you.
    Some will curse you.
    You will see people at their worst --
    and at their best
    You will never cease to be amazed
    at people's capacity for
    love, courage, and endurance.
    You will see life begin -- and end.
    You will experience resounding triumphs
    and devastating failures.
    You will cry a lot.
    You will laugh a lot.
    You will know what it is to be human
    and to be humane.

    Melodie Chenevert
  8. by   Starrla Crystal
    for they have love to share,
    Compassion to care,
    And kindness to spare.
  9. by   Starrla Crystal
    I'd Like to Make a Difference

    God has given me a place on earth
    To be here for a while.
    I hope that as I'm passing through
    I will make somebody smile.

    I want to make life easier
    For all the ones I meet.
    I ask God for His blessing
    To the strangers on the street.

    I hope Ill never fail a child
    If I can help somehow.
    I want to be as generous
    As my resources will allow.

    And when my life on earth is done
    It will be my final plea:
    Let someone, somewhere think or say,
    "You made a difference to me."

    Helen Bush
  10. by   Starrla Crystal

    Dear God, we pray to you today
    To heal out patients come what may
    Bless my work and all that I do
    That in my heart your love will be true.
  11. by   Starrla Crystal
    Nurse's Prayer

    Lord, please help me
    to bring
    Comfort where there is pain
    Courage where there is fear
    Hope where there is despair
    Acceptance when the
    end is near
    A touch gentle with
    tenderness, patience
    and love
  12. by   Starrla Crystal
    I am only one
    But still I am one
    I cannot do everything,
    But still I can do something.
    And because I cannot do everything
    I will not refuse to do the something I can do.
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    we all have much to give, thx starria crystal.........

    someone elses words but so true

    :stone :zzzzz :chuckle :kiss
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  14. by   Veneta Masson
    The Nurse's Job

    "...with Mom so sick and everyone asking
    where's her sister, the nurse..."

    The nurse's job is to make it better
    whatever it is
    (even a child knows this)
    to smooth the forest of furrowed brows
    to explain pathologies and pain
    to say it will be all right
    when it will
    and when it won't
    to relieve, to be there, to stay.

    I have failed at my job.
    Even a child knows this.
    I offer sporadic intensive care
    long-distance counsel
    and two thousand miles of excuses.
    My absence must smack of

    And yet, in the end
    there is sanctuary at St. Rose.
    As two nurses wedge
    between me and her bed
    I know I can't distance myself again.
    I cling to the rails
    confess that I, too, am a nurse.

    You're not a nurse here,
    you're her sister
    one says, swaddling me
    tight in her arms.
    I believe she has loved a sister.
    I believe that she has known shame.

    She does not say
    it will be all right
    but in her presence
    I give in to grief
    I begin to let go.
    This nurse is doing her job.

    Veneta Masson