Nursing diagnosis woes..... What's wrong with me???

  1. I also posted this in the student discussion forum but thought I might get some good help from the "pros" here.

    Alrightly then... What is wrong with how I am trying to come up 4 nursing diagnoses. I have a wound care patient. I know that she needs to be in the skilled nursing unit. She cannot take care of the wound herself. She has tunneling in her thigh (surgical infection) and sternum infection with a JP drain. Other than that, she is doing wonderful. Basically, all she is in there for is monitoring the wound sites and wound care. The infections that she has are in surgical incisions from a CABG. I am great at identifying what I need to do when I am caring for her but I have one heck of a time getting it onto paper! I can write what I do and my assessment, but when I go to do a nursing diagnosis on paper - I feel so dumb! I am using Ackley nursing diagnosis handbook and I think what I am doing it looking up in the guide what's going on with her and then go to the nursing diagnosises (SP?) and rationalize in my head why this doesn't fit her exactly. Part of my problem is that I'm a perfectionist when it comes to schoolwork so is this killing me when I try to come up with a diagnosis??

    ANyone who likes to do or can help me in any way with these diagnosis please please please help me. You will have my eternal gratefulness. (I'd pay you but hey- I'm a nursing student and you guessed it... BROKE! )

    Thank you!
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