nursing + corrections = ??

  1. First of all, let me say, I am a Canadian.
    Second thing......I am working on a busy surgical floor and like it- it is challenging and a good experience........however, there is a max security setting not far from me ( 15-20 minues) and the hosptial is 50-60 minutes away.
    Third thing, corrections canada has a rep. for paying VERY well and excellent benefits- where I work is good- but corrections is better.
    I do work with some inmates on our surgical floor- we have them when they have surgery. I find it interesting and challenging. I am also interested in critical care.

    Can ayone out there give me some advice and information about nursing in a prision- how they feel abou it...if they can recommend it.

    I do realize that between the two countries, Canada and the US, there are differences in corrections.........we have no dealth penality for one thing.... but perhaps overall there could be similarities that may pertain to this situation.

    I really would appreciate any input.

    Thanks so much.

    THinking of corrections........???????what do you think?
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  3. by   Cindy-OB RN/CCE
    I orientated at a level 5 maximum security prison a few years ago but I ended up not working there. I already had a full time job and that was going to be a weekend job. I didn't really like it nor did I feel completely safe. The prisoners yelled constantly and whenever I went to a cell they would often be naked and playing with their penis. YUK! Overall I don't feel it would be a rewarding place to work. I think it depends on the security level.
  4. by   nightingale

    I have to add my two-cents worth... I have previously worked "agency" in corrections and really enjoyed it..... There were moments (just like any other job) where I wish I were somewhere else, but over all had a positive experience... This agency assignment" last on and off for 6 months... It was a county jail, hectic, and very disorganized... What I like so much about it were the challenges and diversity of the poulation and health care needs. It was primarily clinic nursing with sick call assignment, alcohol withddrawal screening, and some passing of meds.

    Recently, I began working in a women's correctional facility prison. I love it. I really enjoy the level of health care expectations given to the inmates. I enjoy working for a facility with high standards. I think the population can be rather manipulative and have additional needs such as a high rate of depression and anxiety, but to me this only makes it more interesting and challenging.

    Yes, the benefits and pay are higher here then the hospitals too...

    Security, is first and foremose on everyones list and I have NEVER felt in danger at the current facility. The first facility I worked for with the agency was quite a bit more chaotic then it should have been. It badly managed by guards and there were moments where I questioned what the heck I was doing there. The general rule of thumb was... when your safety felt compremised you left... PEIOD... No pressure.. you simply said it was not comfortable.... and you went back later with the lieutenent or whoever was up in ranks to help you get your job done...

    As for men standing naked and masturbating... NEVER.. I do not think that would be tolerated and wonder about the validity of the story.....

    What the facilities here in the US will often allow yoiu to do is "Shadow" a nurse for a couple of hours and you can see for yourself what it is really like.... perhaps youo can try that... I am sure management will work with you on something similiar to this...

    Good luck with whatever you choose... Let me know if I can be of further help....
  5. by   nhcc
    i've been working corrections "contract work" for the past year. compared to hospital nursing, the pay is significantly lower. due to the contract nature, there are no benefits and people at our facility seem to have to work for ever before a full time ie. benefits position is offered. i have intensive care back ground as well as many years of community nursing, but was placed at the bottom of the grid, regardless.

    the nursing is varied from the ordinary passing of meds for a variety of ailments as well as organizing the inmates for sick parade (doctor's visits), to assessing inmates after altercations. it's seldom dull as you never know what type of malady you'll be dealing with. we do our own blood draws and ecg's routine immunizations and a good deal of health teaching.

    to work in this type of position, you must maintain a very healthy respect for the fact that these people are generally there because they have crossed that legal line and generally must pay the consequence ie. imprisonment! i've generally found that if you treat these people as individuals, you don't have a problem. i have only had to lower my voice an octave, and am instantly supported by officers who are watching constantly.

    hope this helps from the canadian perspective