Nursing chats..I NEED HELP

  1. Okay, am in Vietnam working, trying hard to improve the nursing here, and it's damn hard arrghh!!
    Anyway, i am trying to develop their standard nursing observation chats - vital signs, temperature(very important) fluid intake and output forms, intravenouse infusion chat/forms.

    I need to compare or to have a look at various nursing chats/forms.
    Would anyone help and give a website that content standardized nursing forms or probably send me the email of copies of observation charts(vital signs and temperature) to start of first.
    my email:

    Thank you all
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  3. by   jayna
    Or someone can give me some ideas on how to formulate one.. :wink
  4. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    From deep in the heart of texas

    I must admit I didnt know they were allowing american nurses in viet nam. I havent been there since 1969. Ill see if I can scan some forms and email them to you
    good luck over there

    keep it in the short grass
  5. by   micro
    you go girl,
    what a task,
    great for you.

    just don't always work...

  6. by   jayna
    Thanks micro and teeitupton.
    Well, there are many INGO and international organisation working here in vietnam. And comparition suposes doesn't hurt Teeitu. I really appreciate your help.
    Well politically , time has changed and now it's looking good. Properly the new generation will changed things easily. As now the leaders are always those who were in the war, and also those taking up communist courses/leadership arrghh...
    Anyway, we are doing our best from the help of the nursing office in the ministerial level.
    Hey but it's okay though for visitors..hehhee...even the they won't recognised who is americans from aussies /europeans..tee hee