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Hello, I have been wondering after I get my RN are there any nursing certifications that I can get to increase my pay, and also learn new skills.... Read More

  1. by   zenman
    I have my CPR card (free) and a Diplomate in Asian Bodywork Therapy ($750) ...cough, cough.
  2. by   Tiki_Torch

    If you are studying for the NCC test in Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing I would suggest two excellent books. The first one is comprehensive and written in an outline format. I've read it forwards and backwards. I keep one with me all the time and I used it to study for my exam. The second book is probably exactly what you are looking for. It is like a "companion" book to the first book I mentioned. It is full of questions with multiple choice answers. The chapters are divided up into different areas. You read the questions, make a notation of your answer and then look in the back of the book to find the correct answer, the rationale, and the book or study/article where the rationale came from in case you want to look up more information to study.

    The first book is Core Curriculum for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing, 3rd Edition Edited by M. Terese Verklan & Marlene Walden. It is endorsed by NANN, AWHONN and AACN. 2004. Saunders. ISBN# is 0721603947. It costs about $70.

    The second book is Core Review for Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing Edited by Robin L. Watson. It is also endorsed by NANN, AWHONN and AACN. 2001. Saunders. ISBN# 0721696805. It costs about $45.

    Both can be purchased on and

    Good luck!!
  3. by   dknunges
    I decided, after working several years in infusion therapy to become certified. I am now an CRNI (certified registered nurse infusionist). This requires 1600 hours of continous work, testing fee and then setting for the exam. This was the worst exam I've ever taken. The first time pass rate I think is less than 75%! It covers 9 core areas:
    Clinical and Technical application
    Infection Control
    Performance Improvement
    Parentral Nutrition
    Antineoplastic Therapy
    Fluid and Elctrolytes
    Transfusion Therapy
    Once you become certified by passing the exam, it is good for 3 years. You then have to have 40 recert units or set for the exam to recertified. In order to get the recert units you have to attend National INS Meetings to obtain at least 30 and are able to get 10 from either/or self study from the INS journal or local chapter events.
  4. by   mackrn
    I have CEN, CCRN, ONC, CHRNA and thinking of going for the wound care certification. (CEN- certified Emergency room nurse, CCRN- critical care registered nurse, ONC- orthopedic nurse certified, CHRNA- certified hyperbaric registered nurse- advanced). The last hospital used to pay an additional 0.50/per hr/per certification and included ACLS and PALS into the formula until I arrived. Then it was was a max of 2 certifications after they found out how much extra I was pulling in, especially with the overtime I was doing at the time.
  5. by   jkelley83
    Wow, that is amazing. I hope to have certifications like that behind my name, but I have a loooong way to go!