Nursing careers

  1. I will be talking with senior high school students in the hope of encouraging them to enter the field of nursing. I firmly believe that nursing offers a wide variety of interesting and enjoyable positions.I'd like to hear from anyone who knows of any nursing positions which are less common and which I may not have thought about. This would include overseas opportunities. OK nurses, help me out please!
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  3. by   cmggriff
    It seems you are not a nurse. If that is true, then read the post "When God created Nurses. Then help yourself. Gary
  4. by   HotSpam
    Maj I have some exciting fringe positions for those with a license...

    1. Cruise ship RN. Especially helpful if you speak portugese.

    2. Expert witness? I met a nurse once who worked for a law firm as a consultant and also testified as an expert. She had a doctorate in nursing though.

    3. Nurse entrepreneur - there are a million flavors here.

    oh well there are a few ideas anyway